The Home of Tomorrow

that will not

Burn Down or Blow Away


Building Wood Free Luxury Homes - Kryptonite Steel Super Structures


Luxury Container Homes of Florida

Developers and License Modular Manufactures of Luxury Container Homes and Micro Villages offering Lifetime Memberships - Rentals - Sales

Beautiful 2 Story Luxury Container Clubhouse, a Compound, Penthouses, a Pub, Suites, a Lagoon Pool and Luxury Homes

WE ARE always LOOKING FOR unique parcels of LAND

huge home and rental shortage

PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS - investors always welcome

Our 304 stainless steel commercial grade cabinets with endless colors and finishes made in Florida

Our solid hardwood commercial grade cabinets made in Florida

Our solid iron commercial grade custom entrance doors weighing 500lbs for a single door to over 1,000lbs for a double door with impac glass

Our commercial grade custom appliances for decades of reliable service