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People are leaving this environment for good and are never coming back

Who wants to live with this any longer?

Out of control health hazards, pollution, high real estate taxes along with all the other state and local taxes and they give you all of this


Standard Grade Finishes


The Kitchen


GE White or Black 2 door refrigerator

GE White or Black stove/oven

GE White or Black range hood

Standard sink

Chrome kitchen faucets

Wood cabinets

Quartz counter top

Standard toilet

Standard glass shower

Standard vanity sink

Laminate floors

Base board, door and window trim

Insulating board that seals in custom tight in the floors, ceilings and walls

Kitchen and bathroom lights

Standard Doors and Windows

Plumbing  for water and plastic pipe for drains, sewer and vents

Tankless HWH

Heat/Cooling - where necessary

Pioneer Split-system ductless




Generator back up

Outdoor kitchens

Flatscreen TV's

Exterior finishes with different types of siding and finishes

Complete furnishing packages available

Container Garages and roof decks

Patios with glass enclosed sun porches/greenhouse

Wood burning stove or wood burning fireplace

Hot tub

Wet Bar

Solar power via directional dish

Modified containers for instant swimming pool





We build any grade several packages

at various pricing to fit anyone’s requirements

Welcome to Illusion Homes


When we started this venture we were located in China. With all that has happened we changed course and came back so now we are made in America again. We have manufacturing plants in the states of Florida and Georgia. We design and build homes from a few thousand dollars to over $1,000.000 with different levels of up grades and security features. We have our own design and engineering division and whether you want us to build your new home and deliver it to your site, or if you want us to handle every detail from delivery, to site prep, the foundations, utilities, and any necessary permits and legal work, Illusion Homes can do all that for you. 30 Day delivery on single units.


Thank you

Mike Leslie, Partner-President






Generators for most models

Silent run commercial generators for compounds

Directional solar for any models