In“The Home of Tomorrow that will Not Burn Down or Blow Away”


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The Illusion beginnings: Illusion Homes was founded in 2019 by James Bolin and Mike Leslie to create luxury homes out of a box using brand new indestructible steel shipping containers. James and Mike have over 75 years of combined expertise in mulitple industries such as construction, land development, residential and commercial, manufacturing, the hospitally industry and recreational facilities along with the management of million dollar budgets with in the governemnt of Naples, Collier County Florida. Both James and Mike reside in SW Florida and the company is based in Naples. As we started educating ourselves with in-depth research, we found exactly where we wanted to be. As we were getting ready to launch in 2020, we all know what happened in March that year. So, like everyone else in business it all went dark. For over 2 years we had a lot of time to look things over for Illusion and as bad as it was it gave us more time than ever to dig into every idea to perfect a great business plan. The speed in which our homes can be built and the beauty of not needing any lumber that a conventional home requires makes building container homes a no brainier. Just by eliminating all the dimensional lumber from the floor joists, wall studs, ceiling joist, wood trusses, plywood, roofing, siding and much more saves huge amounts in time and labor costs.


We are pleased to announce that Illusion Homes plans will be to develop the micro-village concept in small resort towns east of the Mississippi River in various locations as indicated here on our site. Each Micro Village will have its own theme and the development size will be determined by each resort town location. Illusion Homes and its investment partners will develop all the micro villages with complete ownership of all the projects. By doing so Illusion Homes investment group has the potential to create a Billion-Dollar micro village real estate portfolio east of the Mississippi River. Illusion Homes offers its customers the flexibility of either a lifetime flex-membership, weekly rentals or a full purchase of one of our model homes. Illusion Homes are designed to be extremely secure, along with a healthy and economical living environment. By using only the finest materials for our luxury homes, we offer the home of tomorrow that will not burn down or blow away. As you read the paragraphs below, it will be obvious for anyone to see the high quality of standards we are offering. Illusion Homes takes pride in setting the Standards of Excellence for this unique niche that brand new luxury shipping container homes could ever offer.


Now for the details. We begin with lowering the ceilings down to 8’ finished height using steel ceiling joist which provides a 10” attic space that creates a R-30 insulating factor in the attic with the walls having an R-15 insulating factor. We use a very special insulation called “Rockwool” that is spun from volcanic rock which was discovered in the 1800’s which is melted and then spun into this amazing material, which contains some very unique properties. Rockwool is fire resistance to 1,800 degrees, it will not give off toxic fumes, will not attract moisture, will not allow mold or bacteria to form and is very dense making it highly soundproof. Our metal ceiling joist and metal studs are covered with 5/8” fire resistance sheetrock that is also mold, mildew and bacteria proof. All the electrical wiring is encased in flexible conduit for maximum protection. With a 25-year structural warranty, our Kryptonite Steel Structures are built to withstand Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tornadoes when welded to a solid concrete foundation or elevated concrete pylons. Our Homes of Tomorrow that will not “Burn Down or Blow Away”.


Additionally, we only use solid copper water lines and other copper materials in our finishes such as solid hand rubbed oil copper faucets and sinks. Copper also has some very unique properties. Copper has a natural ability that does not allow bacteria or virus mutations to live very long on its surface and eliminates them in a short period of time without ever cleaning the surface. We found the natural properties of copper is very unique in making our homes a safer living environment. Our entrance doors are made of solid iron with steel jams and are also hand rubbed oil bronze finish that weights nearly 500 pounds. Our research into natural wood products also led us to IPE wood, which comes from hardwood trees found in South America and is available from US saw mills where we will buy direct from. IPE wood has a natural bacteria and virus resistance and is also resistance to bugs and termites. IPE wood also has another defense, the wood is so dense that it will not burn under any condition which makes it fireproof.  IPE woods never need any staining or treatments, will not scratch or dent giving our homes lasting beauty and can be used inside or outside. The wood is very beautiful in its natural state.


We use special protective paint coatings that were developed especially for the shipping container industries that resist fading, salt air, salt water and we can create any color imaginable for the exteriors of our homes.  As the foundations or pylons are being poured for our developments, we are manufacturing the containers, then completely furnishing them and then onto flatbeds for transportation to the job site where they will be set by a crane and welded to their foundations. It’s a very stream lined operation that can be easily scaled accordingly and duplicated close to any of our future development locations. We are a license modular manufacture with a 3rd party inspection service from Elkhart Indiana who pioneered this special inspection concept over 60 years ago with approvals anywhere in the USA with international approvals also available.

Illusion Custom homes and micro complexes in solid steel and stucco