The Lagoon Pool at Paradise Found starting 2024

The Micro-Villages of Tomorrow

that will not

Burn Down or Blow Away

Building the finest and safest container villages that will last a lifetime

Luxury Container Micro-Villages

The industry has been around for decades with most everyone using beat up used containers that have been fumigated for every shipment they hauled so local governments shunned them over the years. Now that market has changed and is evolving making this the perfect time for Illusion Homes. Illusion only manufactures using brand-new containers. Setting the standards of excellence for the industry.


What is a micro real estate development?


These are small villages consisting of a land area from a few acres and usually staying under 100 acres. They are lower density in land mass and contain smaller homes in an aggressive growing trend, usually ranging from 150sf to less than 1500sf with no garages. These are often located near cities or in the countryside’s away from the sprawling suburbs. Off grid homes and tiny homes are called micro developments and are usually located in the country and in the mountains.


Illusion Homes micro development concepts range from 5 acres to 50 acres for a typical development along with 3 models for this project -320sf - 640sf - 1,280sf - of luxury container homes. The locations of each village will dictate the size of each micro village and what amenities that are included with each. Illusion Homes first micro project in Florida will be approximately 50 acres containing around 300 micro-homes with each having a very small foot print. Our development will site behind a fence with a electric gate. All that stay just enter their code. The community will consist of our models, all having sunrooms and outdoor kitchens. The development will have a very unique luxury container complex that will include a 2-story clubhouse, penthouses, suites, a beautiful pub with cigar room, tennis courts, custom lagoon pool, a 3,200sf private compound with a private pool, and offering concierge services within a safe and relaxing environment. Low level led lighting just 32" off the ground for the streets and walks, which also allows for the beautiful starlite nights in South Florida. Tranquilly found from the fast pace life that many now experience.


Our developments are designed with a no mow heavy landscape, brick pavers for the private narrow streets, with walks and parking areas that allow water to drain through and usually never require any maintenance. We eliminate the typical blacktop paving that’s always hot especially here in Florida that are usually done in real estate developments and is always in need of maintenance and requires re-coating due to ageing and fading. As an example, the old brick streets that were laid over a century ago in most major cities still look new when anyone sees them for what’s left since blacktop came into the picture.


Paradise Found will be located in the country side not far from the gulf beaches and other local amenities, offering Lifetime Memberships, Rentals and Sales in a hideaway yet close to all the great things in South Florida.

"The Home of Tomorrow that will not Burn Down or Blow Away"

A Fifty Million Dollar Luxury Container Project using Millions of Pounds of Steel Shipping Containers